Nowadays every business should have a website / app or any form of online presence, period!

Especially in the times we live in, it is crucial to show potential customers the products or services that you sell online.

Some have done this for many years and others are trying to adapt to the new demands of the market. Adaptation means survival at the end of the day — that’s how we managed to survive from the beginning of the world and that’s the only way we can evolve, as humans and obviously as a business.

Last year the pandemic showed some of us, both the possibility and the need to be present in the online environment.

If until now the words “if you’re not on the internet you don’t exist” was just a witty a phrase, in just a few months it became a certainty!


What are the top 5 website mistakes you should avoid?

Having a website is more than just some information written there and a contact page.

This can skyrocket your business or drag it down like a rock in the water, so you will want to avoid as many website mistakes as you can.

Over 80% of consumers admit that they will judge business’s credibility based on how good their website design is.

For the most part, you will only have about 10–15 seconds to get a visitor’s attention before they leave, so you will want to make sure you leave the best possible impression.

I’ve compiled below 5 mistakes for you to avoid!

1. Too much text

Most people on the Internet (and not only) want their answers fast and they don’t want to have to search through long paragraphs to get them.

Usually people make research and you are not the only one who offers that service / product so you want them to see easily what they get from you, how you are different from the others and what value you bring to the table.

Alexandra M Datcu

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